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Monday, August 10, 2009

Topics , Articles, and Projects for Free Art-Related Essays for Everyone

Following are the topics and problems the author's plans to write about in the near future. Once the answer or solution or an essay is created for a particular list, the link to that answer or solution or article will be posted beside that list in red bold font. Such list will not be deleted or erased, only it will be provided with a clue or link to its final destination. However, please note that once a list or a topic is answered or is completed, it will move further down the page and the ones stating behind at the upper portion of the page (this or other pages) will be the ones not answered yet. Thus, browse down if it's answered or not.

Please also take note that Free Academic Essays is for everyone. Tell your friends and buddies if you find something for them. Moreover, please take note that this list here, in tis page, is only for Accounting. The list of planned essaus for other topics are listed in other pages.

Below is the list of "Art" related topics the author plans to write about and provide everyone a free essay or gratis essay in the near future. Feel free to grab or make it as reference when done.

1. Reaction/Appreciation for A piece of art
Create a formal analysis of two works you have seen in an art museum or gallery this semester and must be a minimum of 275- 300 words(total). Add the picture of art.

Write about both works separately. Use MLA format for your work.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Depreciation and Breakeven Point Relationship

Category: Accounting and Finance; 362 words with one (1) reference. This free essay is about accounting and finance talking about depreciation and breakeven point. This gratis or free essay is ideal for courses on accounting and finance. Hopefully it helps. Copy your free or gratis academic essay on Depreciation and Breakeven Point Relationship! 

Depreciation is a non-cash item. However, it is one of the major components of a business entity’s fixed cost and it is very important to understand how depreciation can affect the financial health of the business. On the other hand, breakeven point (BEP) is the defining factor whether an activity or a transaction will achieve a positive profit or not. This point equals to the total cost, both fixed and variable. 

Depreciation is very important in determining the feasibility and profitability of a certain investment using the breakeven analysis. Being a fixed cost, depreciation must also be recovered before a breakeven point can be achieved. The higher the depreciation, the more units are needed and the greater contribution margin is needed to break even. Given the amount of depreciation and other fixed costs and a product’s contribution margin, a company may forecast through a break even analysis the quantity and amount of sales needed to gain a profit. In the short run, depreciation has a linear correlation with the breakeven point and it is generally an “uncontrollable cost” (Horngren, 1997) or a fixed cost. Higher depreciation increases total fixed costs resulting to higher sales needed to break even. In this regard, a lower breakeven point is not easy to achieve when there is a high level of depreciation. 

Determining the depreciation method to be used is also an important decision that an entity must make. When determining the BEP, especially with the present value factor imputed in it, a straightline method of depreciation applied would yield a very different result compared to the amount when the declining balance method of depreciation is used. 

Moreover, it is worth noting that when an entity is interested in the cash breakeven point of its sales or any transaction or in an investment decision, depreciation is a factor that needs to be considered. As mentioned, depreciation is a non-cash item and it would not be part of the fixed cost if the cash breakeven point is to be determined.  Lastly, depreciation is considered as a tax shield. Thus, it matters very much whether the breakeven point to be determined is before orafter interests and taxes.

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