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Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Want a Wife by Judy Brady

I Want a Wife by Judy Brady is a cunning essay with a hint of satire to it. It extends to the reader the writer's feeling about being a wife herself and bluntly showcases the various, if not numerous tasks and undertakings of a woman, wife and mother.

In this time of modernization, the equality issue has forced society to somehow level women with men. Women have now earned their spots, being able to perform and compete with men in the workplace, politics, and all other categories that before were purely dominated by men. The femme community have proven again and again that purely capable as men may be in performing and producing output, they can do too if not better but equally. Looking back in history, a handful of women have given others a reason to aspire for something better, to trample the notion that they are a lesser race and to gain confidence resulting to a high regard for themselves. However, this new found empowerment has not erased one quality that nature has sewn on every woman's heart --- nurturing. This is a gift to all men because at the end of the day a woman is always a wife and a mother to his kids.

When a woman decides to become the other half in a relationship and become a parent, her work is cut out for her. All wives have their own story to tell but almost all of these are similar. It boils down to one major goal and that is, to make sure that everything is allright. As inventoried in Brady's essay, there are things that every wife must always be ready to accomplish. Basic needs include making sure that the household is always in order, food is prepared, clothes are washed and ironed, medical appointments met, and school problems solved. Depending on the status in life, there are different ways in having these accomplished like the more affluent ones can have maids do it for them but still, it is the woman in charge. Social needs would entail a wife to provide a good image for her husband and ensure that all the little details that can affect her husband's place in society are in order. Emotional needs is yet one that the wife/mother is irreplaceable in providing. It is always said that the measure of the quality of a wife or mother a woman is translates to the outcome of a marriage and the achievements of the children. Emotional Quotient plays a big role in having to achieve this and the woman is the main component in ensuring this. She has to provide the depth in her relationship with her husband to make him feel secure. Not only that, but she has to be the guiding star that will be light in her children's paths. She always need to be composed. If she complains, she is a nagger. If she asks, she is overbearing. If she sheds a tear, she is overreacting. So, it is a constant practice to be firm yet be loving at the same time.
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Simply put, women as wives and mothers have a lot in their hands. Brady's essay wonderfully gives the reader a bird's eye view of the complexities and vigor that entails being both. Seeing it in a perspective of a woman herself makes it personal for a woman reader because it sheds light to the same experiences that she undergoes everyday. The hint of sarcasm that spices up this essay gives it a funny factor that makes one enjoy reading it. The manner of writing it in such a way gives it a twist and pokes at the mind making one ponder and realize that being a wife is not a simple job. In fact, it is just as strenuous if not more tiring than a day in the office. It does not require you 8 hours a day but extends to a lifetime. The essay also highlights the author's frustrations and aspirations that may have been fulfilled if only she has someone to do her obligations for her. This makes it all the more heartfelt since a lot of wives gave up their dreams for their families have unfulfilled aspirations too.

In conclusion, this essay has taught a lot about the indispensability of women as wives and mothers. Being humans themselves, they may tire or give up too. Appreciation and giving them a sense of importance is all it needs in keeping them.

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