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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Topics , Articles, and Projects for Free Accounting Essays for Everyone

Following are the topics and problems the authorplans to write about in the near future. Once the answer or solution or an essay is created for a particular list, the link to that answer or solution or article will be posted beside that list in red bold font. Such list will not be deleted or erased, only it will be provided with a clue or link to its final destination. However, please note that once a list or a topic is answered or is completed, it will move further down the page and the ones stating behind at the upper portion of the page (this or other pages) will be the ones not answered yet. Thus, browse down if it's answered or not.

Please also take note that Free Academic Essays is for everyone. Tell your friends and buddies if you find something for them. Moreover, please take note that this list here, in tis page, is only for Accounting. The list of planned essaus for other topics are listed in other pages.

Below is the list of accounting and finance or business related topics the author plans to write about and provide everyone a free essay or gratis essay. Feel free to grab or make it as reference. And here is the rest of it.

1. Accounting Principles and Standards

Support arguments for the following problem with sources of GAAP (FASB standards):

A firm implements a cash bonus program. Its terms provide for a one time cash bonus to be paid to the employee upon the completion of five years of continious employment. The amount of each bonus will be the sum of ten percent of the salary paid in each of the five years of employment.

Audie is the first employee to be hired under the new bonus plan. His first years salary is to be $25,000. His salary will be about $35,000 in the 5th year and will average about $30,000 over the five year period.


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