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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Secret Life of Water by Emoto, an Essay

the secret life of water image and very good essay

The Secret Life of Water by Emoto, an Essay

the secret life of water essay by emoto, a detailed article

I. Introduction
Spirituality, defined by Kelly (1995) is "a personal affirmation of a transcendent connectedness in the universe"(p.4). On the other hand, spirituality “addresses issues such as life purpose and meaning, from which may emerge a code of behavior” (Meyer & Lausell, 1996). In the book of Masaru Emoto, The Secret Life of Water, spirituality has been clearly illustrated. It is the affirmation of connectedness between humans and water and also the bond between earth and water in general. As the element of nature, and as the title suggests, the main focus of the book is about the power and mysterious capabilities of water. The presentation of facts in the book might be not so clear and can be a little subjective but the contentions of the author are, if based with everyday life and with common sense, the ideas of Emoto are very agreeable.

The claims in the book of Emoto are not strictly based on science but those claims have pragmatics and if believed, no harm can be done. This is what faith is all about, and in Emoto’s findings, it can be categorized as a product of spirituality in nature, in this case nature’s element which is water. Only faith can hold strong the claims of the book because faith does not question reason and evidence.

II. Water and Prayer, their spirits, powers and strengths
Water, according to the author, combined with prayer can cure. The cure as a reader may understood it, can be more than its literal meaning. Water flows like the life energy termed “hado” and without a continuous flow life would be nothing – without a meaning, without purpose. Hado’s flow, as stated in the book can be blocked with humans’ material desire, ego and ideologies, pride and other negative actions and characteristics.

Prayer is powerful, according to the book, and it can greatly affect water and the status of the world in a broader sense. In the book’s theme, spirituality is strongly encouraged. It also aims to have the reader find peace within himself as well as it promotes peace all over the world. In this regard, this is where the practicality of the book’s claims get in: the world would indeed be better off if the majority, if not all, are spiritual and not as highly materialistic as the world that we live in today. As stated in the book,

the secret life of water essay by emoto, a detailed article
When it comes to the power of prayer, it does not necessarily mean that all prayers are answered, nor all the wants of human beings asked/requested in prayers will be provided. Instead, prayer is a powerful activity that can allow a soul to search within himself/herself in the presence of silence, relaxed mind and concentration when asking for guidance. According to the Reverend Margaret B. Gunnes of Explore Faith Organization, the “power of prayer is the constant renewal of perspective.”

However, this power of spirituality and prayer is not very discrete nor it is strong as it is observable in the present times. If many souls would however realize the overall effect of spirituality, if collectively utilized, the world would be a better place to live in.

Presently, spirituality and prayers are not very powerful to take and solve all the problems and cure all the illness of the weak world and. Why? Because humanity is broken and always at opposing ends, always wanting for more and more material things rather than having their spiritual needs get fulfilled. Is the book of Emoto enough to carry peace within the reader? If not, how can it carry peace all around the world? Or, if indeed the power of the spirit that strong through water and can convert the book’s reader into a peaceful being? How about the rest of the world? Is spirituality enough for the entire planet? Would the power of water sustain this world’s peace and existence?

The book alone is surely not enough to convert the world into a spiritual space. Nor spirituality alone can pacify the world. These factors however did not hinder this paper to believe in the purpose of the book and what it claims, thus this paper agrees with the author. Emoto’s effort can serve as a starting point for the humanity to look upon the spiritual side of life with water as one way to attain it. Even in the oldest philosophies of Taoism, the power (spirituality) of water was emphasized. Many have already agreed to the power of water, be it spiritual or not. Even in the Tao-te Ching by Laotze (604?-531? BCE), presented in the eighth Chapter is the text on water’s power and value. The following is the beautiful and inspiring text of the book that parallels to the claims of Emoto:

the secret life of water essay by emoto, a detailed article

Water, can serve as a mirror that has an ability to reflect- to reflect the human heart. Also, with the use of water the power of prayer was reflected upon it visually revealing its wonderful effect in changing the world.

In fact, one of the author’s researches have shown how positive words reflect in the water. Encouraging words such as wisdom, care, and love resulted to beautiful crystal formation when the water into which they were spoken was frozen. On the other hand when pessimistic and discouraging words are spoken such as “you fool" or "you're an idiot" (Massey, 2006, p. 4), resulted to a badly organized ice crystals. Moreover, the ice crystals formed from the water where the word “wisdom” was spoken in various languages such as Japanese, English and German look very similar to each other – a very interesting result and it is backed by experimentation and research! In this regard, water must really have spiritual power that cannot be easily identified by a naked eye nor by a wandering human soul.

Further, it was postulated that as humans grow, their materialistic desire grow and bad habits start to attach to them such as vices and pride. This explains the diminishing amount of water contained in an adults body, which is around 70%, roughly 25% lesser to that amount contained in a an innocent child’s body which can reach up to 95% water. The words that adults use was also accounted for this change and difference in bodies’ water composition..
Strange as the mentioned findings may be, water inhibit these characteristics that to those who are aware of this fact can only wonder and think in awe. The above findings, though conducted in some scientific/experimental basis, the author tends to convey to the readers the spiritual side of the results.

III. Conclusion
Prayer. This is the way according to the book. Water. This reflects human prayer. These two however are not enough as the obvious is visible and thoroughly observable in this world. But is the contention of the book agreeable? YES! Water and prayer are both powerful elements that if every individual may have faith, can cure this ailing materialist world.
But the reality? Each individual is inherently rational that has his own ways to deal with life. Moreover, the insatiable nature of man makes him unbelieving to some spiritual means and his rationality prevents him from having faith, either in the supreme being or the power of some spiritual elements such as water.

However, humanity must acknowledge the strength of knowledge and the understanding it gives to an individual. Although humans can be bad at times, but if absolute reason is in the mind of each one of them, this earth would be a better place to live in. In fact, according to Kant, with “good will” performed in each Man’s obligation, he would attain freedom. This freedom is with the presence of knowledge and good will. Spirituality, coupled with the right knowledge, is a very sharp tool that will enable humanity to be at peace and attain peace in a broader sense. The power of prayers, knowledge and spirituality can make a person very understanding of another and if the varying cultures and religions have wide acceptance and sympathy or understanding towards each other, they would not be fighting against each other: whites against blacks; Christians versus Muslims; tribe one versus tribe two nor Americans versus Iraqis!

the secret life of water essay by emoto, a detailed article

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