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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Master of the Game Book Review

Master of the Game
The book Master of The Game is one of the arrays of bestsellers that have been
spawned by the marvelous mind and imagination of Sidney Sheldon. Published in 1982, it has been a major favorite and has stayed in The New York Times bestseller list for quite a time. The story is a family saga that takes setting in the late 1800's till the late 1950's. It starts on the 90th birthday of the main character named Kate Blackwell and this story is told asa somewhat recollection of memories. Kate was the daughter of Jamie McGregor who struck it rich when he succeded in stealing diamonds from the mine of a rich Dutch who cheated on him. He invested his money in creating his company Kruger Brent which later grew into one of the biggest Kate poured her whole life into the company and eventually married Dave Blackwell who rose to becoming an executive of the company despite starting out plotting to steal from Kate's father. They bore a son, Tony who fell in love with art and did not show interest with the company. This being difficult fo Kate to comprehend, she workedon destroying her son's career and manipulated him into marrying Marianne. Marianne was convinced by Kate to become pregnant despite her health condition and this later caused her life and Tony's sanity. The twins that were delivered were named Eve and Alexandra whowere complete opposites. Eve was overly cunning and ambitious for her own good. Kate having realized the bad side of her grand daughter, disinherited her which only spurred ahatred in Eve. She schemed to get her sister killed by getting her to fall in love with a man she conspired with, and this will definitely break Kate's heart. She failed on her plot but managed to get Kate's favor back through deceit. She ended up killing her co-conspirator and later gother fair share of karma when a surgeon who was madly in love with her destroyed her face which made her dependent on him. Alexandra fell in love with a psychiatrist and they had a son, Robert. The book ended with Kate marvelling at Robert's prowess in piano and pondering Master of the game is definitely a worthy read. It's capability to get a person captivated and engaged is very notable. The unexpected twists and turn exhibits the caliber of the writing style and the power that emanates from the story itself makes one reflect for a moment --- Are we masters of our own game?

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