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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Structure Emo and Emo as Target of Marketing Communication

Emo. We hear this term being used all the time when we open our television sets. Well, what is emo anyway? Emo is usually associated with a certain music style that has increased in popularity presently. It may be described as falling somewhere between “Goth” and punk rock. The content of emo music talks about life and how we live it. It dwells on the most emotional moments of our lives and translates to a music with lyrics that talk about break-ups, disappointments and other heartbreaks. It is definitely emotionally charged music and and the faithful followers of this kind of music has grown in alarming numbers which is composed mostly of teens. This is most likely because teens can relate to what the music communicates to its listeners about emotional struggle.

To think that “emo” music is a brand new genre in the music scene is a big misconception. How then you may ask was emo formed? Why did it emerge in the first place?Emo was actually born in the 1980's and started in Washington DC pioneered by famous bands such as Rites of Spring and Embrace. Back then this kind of music characterized by melodic guitars, rhythms and personal, passionate lyrics, was referred to as “emocore” or “emotional hardcore”. It was an attempt to break away from hardcore music and was a vehicle for rising emo musicians to express their deep emotions. Bitterness that are caused by painful life experiences is very hard to manage, therefore this kind of music culture emerged to provide the musicians a release from their pent-up emotional turmoil. Public emotional purges is one very notable characteristic of an emo concert venue and this infects the audience in a very personal way that caused them to even shed tears while witnessing a concert. Emo then somehow faded away but underwent a reinvention in the early 1900's. Around the mid 1900's it gained underground popularity and became close to the mainstream. It then bolted to popularity in the late 1900's and has definitely been popular in the mainstream music scene presently.

However, emo is not restricted to describe music alone. It has become an evolving emotional trend that has influenced fashion as well as other art forms. What is popularly referred to as the “emo kids” are easily noticeable in a crowd of teens because they are characterized by kids using eye make-up, eyeliners in particular that are not only exclusive to girls but are being used by the male emo kids as well. Their clothing are very distinct. They usually wear clothes that are not very colorful and their usual shades are black and gray. The pants being used are usually tight and they would wear T-shirts with emblems, logos, and names of famous emo rock bands. One of which is Fall Out Boy. Belts are also part of the emo fashion since this is one of their accessories where belts are usally studded. In haircut, the emo style is characterized by bangs that are brushed to the side and the hair is dyed black. In other art forms, other artists embrace the emo style in poems and paintings as well. The number of contemporary artists inspired by the emo culture has definitely propagated. With the mitigation of the emo culture in today's society, one can therefore say that it has become a way of life for a distinct group of people.

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Emo as a target for marketing communication

Music being the most important aspect in the lifestyle of emo is definitely one of the best mediums on how to attract their attention. Bands that play emo rock can be used to reach the emo population. They can be payed to play on a certain venue or maybe a rock festival or a contest sponsored by the company. This will definitely influence a crowd and throughout the event, advertising can be injected. Endorsements using famous emo rock bands can also be invested in since the emo population are very passionate about relating to others who share the same cause with them.

Visual means can also be an effective way to reach out to them. Flyers,posters and billboards that shout out the emo culture are very appealing to their eyes. Artists to use in such a means of advertising should understand emo and better yet be emo themselves so as to convey the same emotion that would attract their fellow believers. Facebook, twitter and other internet sites can be utilized to further captivate them. Groups could be formed and it would be very beneficial since advertising by word of mouth is one of the most effective ways of marketing. With growing interrelationships and sharing of information, popularity of the product being advertised can be gained.

Since emo are deeply in touch with their emotions, the message that should be used to get them engaged should also be emotionally motivated. Since being emotional seeks understanding, what would be effective in getting them hooked is applauding their courage in embracing a distinct culture and having pride in their uniqueness.

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