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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Graphic Design for Children

Kids are very attracted to visual treats. Therefore, the usual trend in kid's menus are usually bright and catchy themes. The most colorful, the better. Famous characters such as hello kitty, dora, and spongebob are the usual subjects used to tweak a certain product. This is a great way to attract the attention of kids because they watch these characters everyday and are very entertained by them. Since they are recognized by kids anywhere, I think that it is a good idea to make a character that would be distinct and will embody the restaurant that whenever kids see it, they will definitely recognize it and think of the restaurant.

For Rusty Schooner, my idea of a kid's menu would give the effect that a kid would undergo an undersea adventure and will feature a female diver serving as the guide. My female diver will exude charm as I will design it with a cute face and form together with other sea creatures who will look very friendly and fun. Putting in a little bit of dialogue and maybe putting in names of creatures would add to the informative aspect of the menu. This would be a good technique and will make the menu cohesive to the coastal atmosphere of the restaurant. Since kids love to brag, the pieces of information they can get from the menu is something that they can share with other kids and by word of mouth, more kids would want to eat food out of the cool menu. In addition, a mascot of the female diver will be a fun addition and selling accessories and stuff that are inspired by the restaurant's products and characters will increase sales and improve marketing.

To Marcia, Dora the Explorer is such a big hit with kids. Not only do kids learn from it, but they are very entertained. The illsutrations are bright and colorful and I think that this adds a lot to the appeal. Your idea is agreeable since I think that visual stimulation is very important and before you can educate, you need to catch the attention of the subject first and foremost.

To Laneet, I think that the idea of an interaction with a kid and the parents during eating time is really good. It can be a venue for a parent to teach the kid a thing or two while bonding. However, you have to make sure that the games should be changed every now and then because loyal customers who keep coming back may tire of the same stuff when there are not new ones.In addition, the game should not take up a lot of time as it will keep the kid's attention away from eating.

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