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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Organizational Peer Review



The name of the business: Jupiter Graphic Design.


Structure (Simple, Bureaucracy, etc.)

The structure will be simple yet effective.


Number of Employees

The number of employees will be 14.


Work Specialization

The activities will be subdivided into 4 separate areas of responsibility. I will have a group led by a Chief Operating Officer; a group led by a Chief Marketing Officer, a group led by an Information Officer and a group led by a Chief Talent Officer.



The jobs will be grouped together by marketing activities; technology operations; development activities and growth and market penetration. I will also have a Human Resources Manager who will be responsible for paperwork related to hiring, promoting, etc. This person will also serve as the “go to” person for employees who may have an issue that they would like to have resolved.


Chain of Command

I will have a staff of web and graphic designers who will report directly to the Chief Talent Officer and the Chief Marketing Officer. The Chief Talent Officer and the Chief Information Officer will report directly to the Chief Operating Officer. The Chief Operating Officer will report directly to the President.


Span of Control

Because we are small business owned and operated, both the Chief Talent and Marketing Officers will have only 4 employees each that they will be responsible for effectively and efficiently directing. The Chief Information Officer will not have any employees to direct and all employees will be directed under the Chief Operating Officer.


Centralization and Decentralization

To avoid any confusion that could take place if there were more than one individual who was able to make decisions, I am only going to grant the Chief Operating Officer the authority to make decisions. The other officers can bring ideas and suggestions to the table but the ultimate decision will lye in the hands of the Operating Officer.



We will have a formal set of policies to include rules and regulations that pertain to how the business will run and will be used as guidance by each employee and manager. These will be considered the laws of the land and each employee will have an understanding of these rules and must abide by them or they may be terminated.



I believe that my employees will respond very positively to my organizational structure and the overall employee behavior will be good. They will know in the beginning what is expected of each of them and they will be provided with the rules and regulations. I think they will be happy that there is a person who will be a part of the team that is there to assist them with personnel issues or any concerns that they may have.

Is the organizational structure appropriate for the business selected?

Yes. Fourteen employees do not make the business very complicated thus, a simple structure is enough and appropriate.

  1. Do other structural elements, such as work specialization and span of control, seem appropriate for the business selected? Why or why not?

I have an understanding that the business is small and having a very simple organizational structure. However, the other structural elements such as work specialization and span of control seem to contradict the idea of “simple structure”. As small as the business, I do not find it very advisable to complicate the structure with all the necessary posh titles such as Chief Talent Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operating Officer or Human resource Manager. All these aristocratic titlings make the business sound bureaucratic. Moreover, the number of employees should be taken into consideration. There are only 14 of them. For now there are already four BIG leaders. Big leaders or officers mean they have sub-leaders and lots of subordinates. How can they divide the remaining ten employees under the supervision of four persons? There respective titles does not make it proper to lead only two (2) or three (3) individuals.

  1. Does your classmate’s business use a mechanistic or organic model?

The business model is absolutely mechanistic although it does not have a bureaucratic structure. I can see the rigidly organized bureaucracy in the presence of all the “officers” mentioned which is one of the qualifying factor of a mechanistic organization model.

  1. Would you like to work at your classmate’s company? Why or why not?

No, I do not like to work on this. I prefer to work on a simple organizational structure with simple structural elements. As I have mentioned, the rest of the components of the organization is a little complicated to understand.

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